You’re Real

And I am too!
After months of distractions by the false pretenses of purpose and “joy” I have returned to the darkness with the full violence and self-aggrandizing pomp that you should have expected!
I admit that this isn’t my greatest work, but it was prompted by harsh realities in our society… there are many out there who will never know the stable warmth of family life, or the more literal warmth of a cozy safe place to call home.
Read YOU’RE REAL and weep for those who have no one else to weep for them!

The Suicide Games

There are few things that disgust me more than reality TV shows, which seek to make filthy dollars by putting the worst in society out there in the public eye, in order to further manipulate and demolish what is left of our culture. Worse yet are those forms of media which take advantage of the poor and desperate. This is something that I can only call cannibalism, and I am certain the quality of TV entertainment will spiral downward just as quickly as the quantity increases!

We are not far from the day when The Suicide Games will air on primetime.¬†Until then, read about it here, and raise your glass and toast to the impending destruction of our “society”. It’s coming!

I Remember 28k Internet…

And you thought that Jay Roberts was gone… well, I’m back, with a story that finds its roots back in the days of 28k internet! Although I was just a boy in those days, I remember the agony of watching questionable photos load pixel by pixel, and my endless searches to find a community of people like me! Although my search continues fruitlessly until today, I know that there are others who have searched like me, and many others who are no longer among us because they gave up on searching.

This story is about one of the lucky ones. A fictional lucky one of course, as if there is a hope in Hell for a normal life…

Read it here!

The Dead Ones are Coming…


This somber August evening, I completed the angriest, coldest piece I have written in a very long time. The only rivals it has are Alex’s Sadness, which you can buy Amazon, and other weird manifestations of rage and solitude that will not be named here.

Editing will begin soon, but after that, beware the approach of THE DEAD ONES. They’re coming!

The Awful Truth…

My friends,

After a great deal of meditation and discussion with the good Lord, I have finally decided to post on /r/nosleep and /r/creepypasta on the exclusive premiere website, Reddit.

Find my highly anticipated explanation as to why I write there or on this site itself, linked from Free Prose…

Why I Write…


I recently did some introspection, and one of the biggest questions I asked myself was why on Earth I spend so many hours I could otherwise be spending on Reddit, Youtube, Pornhub, etc, writing. I have written a fictionalized account to answer this question for myself and my readers. Look for it soon…

Today You, Tomorrow Me. Ha!

You may have heard of the famous story from Reddit, in which the OP is stuck on the side of the road for hours before being rescued by migrant Mexican workers. They refuse payment for their services and leave him with the phrase, “Today you, tomorrow me.”

Since then the OP has been certain to help out others who have been marooned on the side of the road, in order to “pay it forward” as it were.

But do you know what I think? I think the whole story is a fake, a lie, undoubtedly created and posted by some sort of religious charitable entity! You and I know the truth, and that is that there is no paying it forward in this world, because there is nothing to pay forward, and no one worth paying it forward to!

Here’s a piece that shows how loudly I laugh at the idea of charity and goodwill.

Fuck hope!

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