Today You, Tomorrow Me. Ha!

You may have heard of the famous story from Reddit, in which the OP is stuck on the side of the road for hours before being rescued by migrant Mexican workers. They refuse payment for their services and leave him with the phrase, “Today you, tomorrow me.”

Since then the OP has been certain to help out others who have been marooned on the side of the road, in order to “pay it forward” as it were.

But do you know what I think? I think the whole story is a fake, a lie, undoubtedly created and posted by some sort of religious charitable entity! You and I know the truth, and that is that there is no paying it forward in this world, because there is nothing to pay forward, and no one worth paying it forward to!

Here’s a piece that shows how loudly I laugh at the idea of charity and goodwill.

Fuck hope!

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