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A Weird Experience… A New Story…


My dryer broke down early this week. This resulted in me undergoing the inexpressible humiliation of having to go to a laundromat. While standing there among the rusted fans and dusty arcade machines, pretending to be a horrorshow pleasant malchik, I conceived of a new story, in a format I have never attempted before.

Look for it soon!

Free Short Story

We are often told that after we die, we’re going to go to a better place. I have always laughed bitterly at these statements, and now, I bring you a short story that serves as a mouthpiece for my own beliefs regarding what happens to us after we die.

I say that if there is no light in your life, then death is pitch black, and what happens after it is darker still! Read Soul Deficiency Syndrome, and be forewarned.

Another Short Story!

Almost three years ago, I had a dream that was so provocative that I started to write about it almost the moment I woke up. Soon, I knew I had to involve an adaptation of a friend I once had. He is the kind of person who I disagreed with, but rarely ceased to respect, and even today I find myself thinking about his wise words.

The sum total of all of these experiences is Alex’s Sadness, a brief but hopefully powerful piece that serves as both a lesson and a warning to those of us who are restrained in our emotions.

New Short Story!

In the Throes of Dismal Starvation has been rejected several times, simply because it’s a hard piece to find a place for. It’s not action, it’s not really horror, and it serves to induce a severe sense of depression and despair in the reader.

In fact, as I recall, writing In the Throes of Dismal Starvation so shocked me that I wasn’t able to write for some months afterwards! But now, in all of its glory, it has been published to Amazon. Here’s a link.

And here’s the photograph that inspired In the Throes of Dismal Starvation in the first place. Warning, it is somewhat graphic and extremely disturbing.

April 2014 Update

ITTODS is in progress, along with another short story. These will soon be published in some for or another.

More importantly, I have started work on a novel first conceived of several years ago. After months of difficulties and setbacks, it is finally in progress.

Update–New Piece

About a year ago, I wrote a short story that was so extreme that since then, I have largely been scared out of writing. These past few weeks, I have returned to the dark glory of that terrifying piece, and my goal is to have finished editing it by the end of the summer as I continue work with other pieces and unrelated projects.

I hope to have “ITTODS” published at some point, but will there really be any publisher that will put out such a horrific and depressing piece?

Only time will tell….


I am going to give away five copies of my book. Four will be digital copies in HTML or PDF format depending on the winners’ preferences, but the grand prize will be a physical copy, signed by yours truly.

Reply to this post on Facebook or tumblr with the pass phrase, “The Red Demon Will Walk Tonight” and you will have a chance at winning. Good luck to all entrants.

I had a really, really strange dream in the late hours of this morning… it was about being a sort of door-to-door salesman for multiple rocket launchers.